Super Mario Run – Free to Start

Just recently, it has been confirmed through Nintendo that the upcoming mobile platformer, Super Mario Run, will be launched on the iOS on the 15th of December for this year. This will arrive towards the aforementioned platform as a free-to-play game. However, just like with many other mobile applications, those who want to experience everything about it can pay a one-time fee of $9.99.

Super Mario Run - Free to Start

Super Mario Run Needs $10 For Players to Experience the Full Game

With the wording that has been released for the announcement, it would seem that Super Mario Run would have the same business model for the Android platform as that of the iOS variant. For those who are familiar with mobile applications, take note that it is the same monetization method that has been used by Telltale in order to bring about their 5-episode mobile adventure series as they publish the first part of the series to be completely free while the remaining 4-episodes requires additional payment.

Perhaps the only difference with the upcoming Super Mario Run app from Nintendo with that of Telltale’s mobile games is that the former does not offer the game in smaller chunks. In other words, it’s just one game. Right after you finish the free portion of Nintendo’s first Super Mario mobile game, you would need to shell out the extra $10 for more content.

Because Nintendo’s mobile game is an endless runner, which means Mario will just continuously run without stopping until he reaches the goal, it is not surprising that the announcement for the release of the title has been met with skepticism. Think Temple Run, but you would have to purchase the full game for $10. For those who are not in the know, Temple Run is a free-to-play endless runner for the mobile platform that does have micro-transactions, but only  if you really need help. For Nintendo’s platformer, on the other hand, you really need to shell out the extra cash just to access the extra content.

Even though Super Mario Run is met with much skepticism, it should be known that Nintendo was still the company that made it, and the brand has already made a name for itself for countless number of times with their long list of video games. Hence, it might be, at the very least, worth a shot to give the free version a shot before deciding if you would opt for the full version or not.


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Super Mario Run – Free to Start
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