Super Mario Run – Nintendo’s First Smartphone Game is Now Available for iOS

You thought it would never happen, but Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s first game to ever leave the comfort of its own first-party devices and is headed to – of all places, iOS devices. With Pokémon Go seeing a successful release earlier in 2016, Nintendo has gained a large amount of income and publicity from the move of porting Nintendo games to popular mobile devices and just in time for the Holidays, Nintendo’s doing it again, this time with Mario heading the charge over to iOS devices.

Super Mario Run – Nintendo's First Smartphone Game is Now Available for iOS

Super Mario Run Will Have Players Tapping and Sliding With Glee

Judging by the success of Pokémon Go, the likelihood that Super Mario Run will be a huge hit is going to be very high; from the millions of iOS device owners alone, it’s enough to trump Nintendo’s dying Wii U console sales by a lot. With the game’s addictive easy pick up and play nature, it’s bound to leave players hooked on the game and eventually going to spend a few bucks for paid items in game; even for a small amount, with the large number of potential buyers, Nintendo expects huge gains from their latest game. Talking about monetary gains, Nintendo markets the game as “free to start” much like what they do with select titles on the E-shop for their Nintendo 3DS, this means that the game can be downloaded for free but it’s not the full game. To open up the full game, you have to make an in-app purchase that’s quite big for a mobile game but it’s a one-time deal, like buying an actual Nintendo console game. If a vast amount of players do choose to fully purchase the game, it’ll be like the Nintendo DS again where the game will be turned into a meme for Nintendo stating that “it prints money!”

Nintendo Games are fun, and Super Mario games are even more fun, but for the mobile app, there’s a catch; it requires online connectivity. Super Mario Run for iPhone and iPad producer and original Super Mario Bros. creator Shigeru Miyamoto said that this was done to limit any chance of piracy which was the major problem for the Nintendo DS and Wii back in their time of glory. It’s a potential deal-breaker for Nintendo as always online requirement has been always hated by casual players because of how it’s so obtrusive and connection hiccups can ruin the fast pick up and play nature of the game especially if it’s going to be played on the go, not everyone has an active data or Wi-Fi connection.

For now Super Mario Run will be iOS only and Nintendo is playing all of its cards to hopefully recover from its bogged-down state. Nintendo has stated that the game will come out for Android sometime in the future hopefully to gain more sales.


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Super Mario Run – Nintendo’s First Smartphone Game is Now Available for iOS
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