Super Metroid 2 – Fan-Made Remade Arrived Just in Time

Super Metroid 2 was an all-time favorite for many Nintendo fans, and there are many gamers, even new-generation ones, that would “go back in time” for a nostalgic trip to play it one, or two, or three more times. Because of the Japanese gaming company’s rise to fame back in the mid-1980’s, it has enjoyed many recent “30th anniversary celebrations,” and this includes the 30th anniversary of this particular Metroid game. One group took it into heart as they have created a fan-made version of said title, and they’ve added in new features to keep old and new fans happy.

Super Metroid 2 - Fan-Made Remade Arrived Just in Time

Fan-Made Super Metroid 2 Game Brings in New Features to the Classic Title

The fan-made Super Metroid 2 game, entitled AM2R: Return of Samus, is a free anniversary present to all the fans of the title. Yes, that’s right, this fan-made game is free-to-play. It is also years in the making, and the demo release was launched a few years back. Just recently, the version 1.0 was launched to the general public, and the “full” release state that it can be played on Windows computers. It is also reported that a Linux build will be available “soon.” This game is a full-reimagining of the classic Game Boy title, and this is more than just a colorized version of the original videogame.

When you jump into the game, AM2R mechanically and aesthetically feels and looks like the original game. Hence, it will be a delight towards anybody who has played Metroid: Zero Mission, which was available for the Game Boy Advance platform. This sequel now has the same mechanics as Zero Mission, a redrawn art style, slightly remixed content, and newly arranged songs. There is also a deep, newly written “codex” of lore, store, and analysis of practically everything in the game, which include items, monsters, and Samus Aran herself.

For those who were not able to play the GBA title, the controls will feel surprisingly rigid. This is because the original game has jumps that feel more like walking on the moon rather than having actual physics. Well, to be fair, you are playing a character that is located in an alien planet, but that’s beside the point.

This fan-made Super Metroid 2 game looks phenomenal, especially when you greatly consider the original game’s graphics. It bow boasts a classic resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, and yet it has that modern and fetching feel to it. This is because it is rendered in 60-frames-per-second animation, and it is absolute pixeled goodness. This makes it an entirely new game, compared to the original “green-themed” Game Boy original title.


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