Super Tribes Review – A Splendid War

Super Tribes was the leading, turn-based strategy title since Heartstone that has managed players to get caught up into its strategic and lengthy gameplay. The game may have some easily addressable defects but it is a good game that has positive feedbacks.

Super Tribes Review - A Splendid War

Super Tribes is Not Like Your Average Mobile Game

Super Tribes is not like the other free-to-play mobile games wherein there are common gimmicks such as wait timers or spending money for the game. The only IAP option in the game is the option to purchase another nation to play as, but it does not change the game in any ways as the only difference between nations is the technology they unlock from the beginning of the game; besides that, everything I the game is just conventionally forward. In no time, the player will have the forests cleared, drain the seas of fish, colonize the villages and make the villages flourish under his banner, and leave marching armies to capture the neighbors. The game tallied up the final score when the limited round ends. The high scores of the best players in the game will be shown; from there, the players are taken back to the main screen. For whatever reason, the game does not keep the records of the player’s score. It seems like an unusual mistake in a game that it puts too much emphasis on its scoring.

The Super Tribes game has just one game mode and only the difficulty level, number of opponents, and a collection of nations to start as can be customize in the game, there are no other options which is odd for a game. It ends after thirty turns no matter what, and that is one of the reasons why strategy and analization is practically needed in this game. Most of the time the player starts building a momentum as he puts his armies across the map, clash over cities, draw off as many resources as he can from the land – and the game would just eventually end. It took a great deal of contentment even though the player cannot keep track of his scores, and not being able to attack beyond 30 turns. Luckily, these two main issues are easy to fix on the developer’s end, but it still remains to be noticed whether or not these issues will be addressed in upcoming patches.

Giving Super Tribes a shot will not disappoint the player, even if he is a fan of Civilization-type games and just finding a simplified version that can be played on the go. It opens an opportunity for players novice to the genre to see what the game is all about.


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