Swarm App – Turn Your Day Into a Game With Locations

Facebook has the check-in feature to rival Foursquare, Swarm’s original name and it was simple, it allowed you to “check-in” into a place you’re currently at using GPS and post a status of it; Foursquare did the same but it was a standalone app and network, instead of just a side-feature. Foursquare allowed you to go to a place, check-in, post it on social media and it allowed you to become the “mayor” of that area if you frequently check in on that place. The addition of the mayor feature allowed the app to become game-like and it made it fun and more intuitive than just having a separate app to use when you want to check in.

Swarm App – Turn Your Day Into a Game With Locations

Swarm Was Once Foursquare

Foursquare became Swarm as the de-facto check in app while Foursquare itself became a search and discovery app, the UI of the app is now different from when it was still Foursquare; a lot has been added and the game-like appeal of the app is now even more emphasized. Gone is the blue theme of Foursquare and is now replaced by a yellow-orange color scheme that represents bees and honey, users of Foursquare will have their accounts transferred over seamlessly and the main UI is split into 4 sections. The main screen is the check in allowing you to check in to wherever location you’re in with the help of GPS as well as a stream of your friends’ recent check-ins. It also shows who’s nearby and who’s far away if you want to connect with any of your friends that just a few kilometers away. The next tab is the game-like aspect of the app where it shows leaderboards. The third tab is for notifications, and lastly the fourth tab is for your profile. Overall the UI is clean and clear, text is nice and readable with big fonts and the yellow-orange color scheme is very prominent.

The main feature of the app is the evolution of the mayor system that Foursquare had and now has coins for your “wallet” that is earned via check-ins. Swarm for Android and iOS still has the mayor system and it allows you to earn even more coins when you become the mayor of a location. Becoming mayor increases your coin yield which allows you to buy and upgrade your stickers which you can use when posting a new check-in. Your coin earning is also used as a leaderboard ranking for your friends and will be ranked weekly.

Swarm perhaps is a more in-depth version of Facebook’s check-in feature especially with the game mechanic allowing you to pour-in more time and attention for the app than just simply posting for Facebook. If you’re the social person who likes to wander around it’s a great app that as a lot of charm.


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