Swiftmoji – The Emoji Predicting Keyboard

A few months ago when Swiftkey, which was then fresh off an acquisition by tech giant Microsoft, released a keyboard that will assist users in writing just like Shakespeare; well, apparently, that did not work out so well so they have now released Swiftmoji – an emoji predicting keyboard. It can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices, and it will assist users in picking out the perfect emoji for chats.

Swiftmoji - The Emoji Predicting Keyboard

Swiftmoji Helps Users Pick Out the Perfect Emoji to Use in a Conversation

For the Android version of Switfmoji, the keyboard will work just like any other Swiftkey keyboard that you can download and install for your mobile device. It will use your past typing history so that it can predict what you will type next. However, this particular version makes it a bit more whimsical as you will now have an ever-present row just about the keyboard of emojis that you can use instead of word predictions. As you type, this prediction row filled with emojis will change depending on what the words that you type in. It otherwise works just how Swiftkey does, as it does have the same fluid word-swiping feature, as well as other functionalities such as auto-correct and word prediction capabilities.

For the iOS version of Swiftmoji, it works a bit different than the Android variant. To start, it doesn’t replace your regular keyboard, but rather augments it. As soon as you type some text with the stock iOS keyboard, there will be that emoji-predicting row right on top of the keyboard. It has probably a smarter solution for iPhone users, as they have more restrictions as to how custom keyboards can operate on such a device. Unlike Android wherein you’re given a whole new keyboard to operate, iOS users don’t have to change everything as you only need to add the quick emoji finding feature to the stock iOS keyboard.

Swiftmoji is now available for download over at Google Play (for Android) and the App Store (for iOS). To recall, earlier this year, Swiftkey was acquired by Microsoft, of whom said that the company will still continue on developing custom keyboards for Android and iOS devices. This move makes total sense since the company’s known operating system, Windows, own a very minimal share of the mobile market pie. With this acquisition, Swiftkey is now able to test out new technologies with millions of users prior to integrating the best features they can give to their custom keyboards.


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