System Ninja Review – Novice Users Beware

For those who want to rid their computer of practically hidden and unnecessary junk, then you might want to check out System Ninja. It provides an easy and fast way to optimize your PC. It is even great for those who want to free up disk space if you’re running low. Furthermore, it can assist in recovering valuable mega- or even gigabytes of data while still being able to improve your privacy and security to seal the deal. While it is a nice application to have, and is relatively easy to use, delve into the advanced options and novice users would find themselves overwhelmed in a blink of an eye.

System Ninja Review - Novice Users Beware

The System Ninja Tool is a Great Way to Optimize Your PC, and More

Aside from optimizing your PC, System Ninja is also capable of doing more. There’s also an uninstaller for quickly removing the programs found in your device’s operating system that you no longer need. That’s not all, there’s also a startup manager that assists in cutting boot time, a process manager to help you keep an eye on, well, the processes that are currently running on the background, and a PC Analysis portion wherein it will tell you just about everything you need to know about your computer’s hardware.

So what’s it like to use the System Ninja application? Once you download and install it properly, and then get the chance to open it, you will be greeted with a simple tabbed interface. Its UI suggests a particular and quite useful workflow as you can start with the left (which is Junk Scanner) and work your way across the right, all the way up to PC Analysis.

There are a ton of things to like about this particular software, and these come in the form of plugins. This application is a useful little utility tool all in its own right. You can even add more features by downloading more plugins and add them into t he mix. You can add a registry cleaner, file renamer, duplicate file finder, and even a file analyzer into it.

While it is very useful, System Ninja has the potential of becoming a very dangerous program for one reason, and that reason is because there’s not enough information given in the startup items. Hence, there are people who might not know much about what they’re doing to just incorrectly determine what they deem as non-essential.


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