T-Mobile – Offering Free Data for Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is now shaping up to become the worldwide phenomenon that many deem it to be, and businesses, like T-Mobile, are keeping up with the trend and riding the wave. Within just a couple of weeks since it was officially released, people are now seen walking around the streets with phones on their hands as they play this hit of a game by Niantic Labs. The aforementioned mobile carrier is getting in on all that action by offering free data for users of the Pokémon Go application. However, not everyone likes it as there is a catch.

T-Mobile - Offering Free Data for Pokémon Go

T-Mobile Offers Free Data Usage for Pokémon Go, With a Catch

Even though T-Mobile says that playing Pokémon Go will be free for their customers, it isn’t automatically free-of-charge right off the bat. Any customer that want to go about town in search of digital Pocket Monsters with the use of the now famous mobile application will first have to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. Then, on the 19th of July, which is a Tuesday, you will then be able to claim the gift of free PokéData. Should you miss out on catching this offer on the 19th of July, it will then be available every Tuesday up until the 9th of August of this year.

Other than that, the T-Mobile Tuesday mobile application also comes with other Pokémon-related deals. For instance, customers who are very much into the Pocket Monsters craze will be able to take advantage of a free Lyft ride of up to $15 should you order the taxi service from a Gym or a Pokéstop. There’s another deal of getting a free Wendy’s Frosty for when Pokémon trainers need to “fuel up your hunting trip.”

The mobile carrier is also offering a bunch of mobile accessories at 50-percent off. These include power packs and chargers so that your smartphone won’t run out of battery life quickly when you’re out and about to try and catch a Zapdos, or an Eevee. But even if you don’t play Pokémon Go, you can still take advantage of these offers if you’re a power smartphone user.

There are many who will definitely like the deals from T-Mobile, especially those who are into the Pokémon Go craze. Furthermore, it won’t probably take a lot out of the mobile carrier’s pocket. After all, the game isn’t eating up that much bandwidth to begin with, but it can eat your smartphone’s battery life like there’s no tomorrow if you’re not careful.


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T-Mobile – Offering Free Data for Pokémon Go
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