Table 87 Pizza Review – A coal fired pizza pie

Table 87 Pizza Review

Pizza is just one of typically the most popular fast food now, nevertheless most of the pizzas from popular brand are cooked and delivered just on a certain area. The people behind Table 87 Pizza viewed this as an excellent chance to allow them to target more people or customers who needs pizza but live on a place where there’s no pizza deliveries. They developed a packaging and freezing techniques to provide the perfect frozen, coal fired pizza. The company can shipped the pizza nationwide, so now you can buy the pizza online and delivered it to your door. The pizza from Table 87 goes from freezer to plate in minutes whenever you are interested in an authentic coal fired pizza pie. Bellow are some review by a customer who tried their frozen cooled fired pizza.

Table 87 coal fired pizza pie

Customer Review of Table 87 Pizza

I didn’t buy this through Table 87 Pizza, I was blessed enough to discover it at Fairway, a fantastic grocery store I saw that sold this. I did see this on Shark tank- and understood I needed to attempt it. It actually is low calorie- a serving size is a generous half a pizza! The single disadvantage is that I wished the bundle was special on how long to coo it. It says it is “prepared in minutes- wait for the cheese to bubble”, but I’m a busy mother with a toddler who’s active who can not actually wait next to an oven. Plus, opening the door to check is not great notion. I set my timer for five minutes, figuring if it was nicely done that would be my preference anyway. It was lukewarm, and I needed to warm it for a couple more minutes.

Besides that- this is the very best frozen pizza EVER! Every grocery store in America should carry this. It tastes like- well a great piece of Brooklyn pizza- yummy leaves of basil, fresh mozzarella and also a just heavenly tomato sauce. Plus- it is low in calories! At Fairway it cost me $10.99- more than I ‘d generally pay for frozen pizza, but so much better than the other choices. I’d get this once a week if I really could discover it at a closer grocery store. I needed to write this review since it truly is excellent and trust the manufacturers get more distribution deals.  – By jillmarie


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