Takata – Airbag Recall Still Leaves Drivers in Wait

The largest, and possibly even the most complex safety recall in the history of United States is already taking place as airbags made by Takata have been reported to expand and even blow up, even when there’s no accident involved. More than 60-million cars on the road are already potentially at risk because of these deadly airbags.

Takata - Airbag Recall Still Leaves Drivers in Wait

Takata Airbag Recalls Still Ongoing

Despite the safety risk brought about by the Takata airbags, there are some drivers who have no choice but to wait for several months for the replacement parts to be installed by their respective dealers. Furthermore, these dealers are now caught in the loop as they are subject to the complaints of their customers as to when would these replacement parts arrive.

Lauren Thorne, a college student, now feels more like a chauffeur as of late as the airbag located in the passenger side of her 2006 Toyota Corolla is one of the millions of cars affected by the Takata airbag recall. Therefore, whenever Thorne’s sister, or her friends are in the car, they would have to sit in the back seat due to safety reasons. Thorne said the following to CBS Boston: “It’s kind of frustrating they can’t sit in front with me. But it’s nerve-wracking when the airbag isn’t safe.” Anke Thorne, Lauren’s mother, learned about the recall back in April when the notification about it showed up in their mail. The letter did warn about the potentially deadly consequences should they wish to ignore the repair.

These defective airbags can explode at any time and can send shrapnel into the necks and faces of victims, which can cause severe injury and even death. In fact, these airbags are already ties to at least 10 deaths within the United States, as well as over 100 injuries.

When Lauren’s mother kept on calling Toyota, the answer was still the same, even when contacting several dealerships across Boston. “The waiting list is hundreds deep and they don’t know when they are going to get to our car. It’s extremely frustrating,” she said.

The recall for the Takata airbags continue to grow, and many manufacturers are struggling to keep up in providing enough replacement parts for their dealer network. Older models and vehicles that are driven an a year-round heat and humidity are said to have the highest rate when it comes to the safety risk. Therefore, it has been said that regions wherein temperature levels are higher are given more priority among others.


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