Telepaint Review – Painting the Town Red

Telepaint is a bite-sized mobile puzzle game. It does not have a lot of expositions, but just well-constructed puzzle mechanics that aims brings something new. And for the most part, it does achieve its goal of delivering something new to the mobile platform.

Telepaint Review - Painting the Town Red

Telepaint Aims to Deliver Something New to Mobile

In Telepaint, the player will take the role of a paint bucket and tied up in an eternal quest to be reunited with his paintbrush friend. He needs to use a variety of puzzle mechanics to rescue his friend from almost dangerous situations. Once the player starts moving, it will not stop until the level is completed, so the player will need to be quick with timing to make sure he is facing the right way when heading to exit the portal, and later in the game to make sure that he don’t fall into spikes.

As the player progresses in the game, more and more mechanics will be introduced. There may be some blocks that the player needs to push and warp to different area of levels, find keys that could unlock color-coded locks, switches that will make blocks appear and disappear, and many more puzzle gimmicks.  With more than 100 levels over 6 different worlds, there are a lot of puzzles to solve, and it becomes more complicated as the level grows.

The game is easy to control in smaller screen devices. The player in Telepaint doesn’t have to worry about accidentally tapping the wrong thing, or sending the bucket of paint to the wrong portal. The graphics are also simple yet it expresses what the game needs to express admirably. It is a bit adorable as the little pain bucket avatar moves and teleports because he splashes paint onto the level, which adds a bit of color to the somewhat monotonous background. The retro aesthetic is one that is being beat to death in games these days, and luckily this game nails it by using the pixel style as a compliment to the rest of the game’s systems instead of a constant reminder of how “cool” or “trendy” the game is.

The music has this really catchy 80’s synth feel going even though it is kind of a hit-or-miss to some. The developer claims that all movements and activities in the game are synced to the soundtrack, and after 100 levels the player can’t help but notice a distinct absence of variety. While it’s pleasant at the beginning of the game, it can be tiring and boring to hear later on in the game.

Telepaint is an incredibly enjoyable experience, and at a mobile price point, the value cannot be beaten. For a little amount of purchase the gamer will get the whole game with no in-app purchases and even no ads. With so many similar, uninspired copies on the App Store, it is a puzzler that will surely stands out from others in quality.


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