Tennis Champs Return Review – A Modern Take on the Classics

Tennis Champ Returns is one of the awesome yet super simplistic old-school styles of tennis game. It may look really simple on the outside, but the game is actually filled with layers of amazing AI and a subtle different mechanics. It comes together to create not just one of the promising tennis games, but one of the best overall games that can be played.

Tennis Champs Return Review - A Modern Take on the Classics

Looking for a Challenge? Try Tennis Champs Return.

Tennis Champs Return is not necessarily complicated, in fact, it makes resourceful use of just a control stick and two virtual buttons to accomplish basically everything the player needs in the game; it is a bit different and will oblige the player to renew the player’s thinking a little. The virtual stick controls the game character’s movement and the direction of the shot. Each one of the two virtual buttons has its purpose also, one is for the normal shot and the other is for a power shot. Both buttons has triple duty by being able to be pressed and released normally, or pressed and swiped either up or down to pull off the more advanced shots like slices and drops.

The way the player hits the ball in the Tennis Champs Return app makes things get really interesting. The goal is to meet the two metric bars perfectly in the middle, letting go too early or too late will most likely make the player miss the shot. Timing is a very important factor in the game, it might be tricky but once it is right, the player will get a perfect shot, and a total boor when missed. It will be a little weird when the player starts moving in the court but when he’s ready to return a ball, pressing the shot button will make the character run towards where the ball is. It might be one of the hardest parts to grasp in the game butthere is a set of tutorials about all sorts of stuff about the game and once the player masters it, the game will be more fun. It is a witty game because it lets the player make split-seconds strategic decisions.

There are different modes in the game like Quick Match, Career Mode, and Daily Challenge, and the characters can be optimized as well. There are rewards that the player can win after the game and it can be used to customize the character.

Tennis Champs Returns is a game packed with aggressively competitive opponents, tense moments, and a true sense of skills and masteries. It actually feels like the player is playing real tennis which might give him a truly spectacular involvement.


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