The Last Guardian – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

One thing that we learned from video games, if you rush a game to make it have an annual release or every other year, the end result is that you’ll have a crappy game; like the recently-released Final Fantasy XV, Fumito Ueda’s latest offering The Last Guardian has been in development since 2007 and announced in 2009 with a supposed planned release for 2011; until the PS4 was announced. What’s funny about the game is that patience is what’s needed to see the young hero and his humungous cat-like bird-chimera companion to the final minutes of the game.

The Last Guardian – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

The Last Guardian is Definitely Worth the Wait

With development ongoing since 2007, developer team Ico spent 9 years on The Last Guardian, one thing to note though is with that span of time, you’d come to expect that a lot of changes has happened since it was first announced but that’s not the case, it looks the same as what was revealed in 2009.Fumito Ueda addressed the fact that development of the game demanded a lot from the PS3 hardware and that when the PS4 came, development immediately shifted to the next gen platform and from there developed the game with no compromise. Graphics-wise, there’s a signature Ico art style that’s very prominent and it could have been a sequel to Ico if not for Trico, that huge cat-bird-dog thing.

The game essentially is a 3D platformer with a huge emphasis in puzzle solving and is set in a gorgeous world that first places you as a boy who wakes up in ruins with no memory of your arrival alongside a giant horned and feathered cat dog. From there, The Last Guardian for PS4 lets you set out on your way to feed the giant beast having noticed that it is wounded and hungry, and that’s were your bond with your companion strengthens. Game mechanics is introduced slowly but steadily, at first you can do only basic stuff but as the game progresses you gain access to issuing commands to Trico. As a puzzle game it’s very straightforward, enter a room once you’ve cleared the previous room, find a way to clear this to access the next one, and then repeat the process. However as if it’s left there to add some “realism” to the game, issuing commands to Trico isn’t flawless, sometimes it works, sometimes it just fails to execute. This is where further patience comes in, to be able to play Co-op with AI, the AI has to work intelligently but the AI isn’t always perfect that’s where the game stumbles.

Overall, The Last Guardian is an excellent treat for those wanting to set out on an adventure with a huge companion, the feeling of an imperfect AI only reinforces the feeling that Trico is a living creature and that when you feel frustration, it’s not because of the game, but it’s because your companion couldn’t quite get your commands. It all adds to the experience.


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