Thinkware X550 Review – A Well-Rounded Dashcam

The camera market is now riddled with 4K UHD shooting capabilities, and the Thinkware X550 is a dashboard camera that can only shoot clips up to Full HD resolution. Upon reading this, it might not immediately excite you, but it does compensate the lack of resolution with other neat features. For instance, it promises decent low-light image quality, as well as other neat functionalities such as support for an additional rear camera.

Thinkware X550 Review - A Well-Rounded Dashcam

How Does the Thinkware X550 With its Competitors?

Even though the Thinkware X550 does not support Super HD or higher resolutions, on the plus side, the device is based around the 1/2.9-inch Sony Exmore CMOS imaging sensor with 2.4-megapixels. This is the type of sensor seize that you can see on high-end camcorders, albeit those have a greater number of pixels.

The advantage of having this kind of sensor is that the X550 entails greater light sensitivity among others. This is partly why the company is claiming its low-light capabilities to be more noteworthy than its rivals. In fact, it even has a name as it is dubbed “Super Night Vision.” However, it does include some image processing to enhance the brightness of the images, which does mean quite a bit of noise into it. Still, the brains behind the device is that of an Ambarella A7 chipset rather than the top-of-the-line A12, which means the maximum video resolution is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

The menu system found on the device is mostly text-based but quite easy to understand. Thre are four buttons found on the left-hand side of the unit’s 2.7-inch screen, and the functions are clearly defined which are next to each button. The simple options for control are for the three levels of brightness for the camera, and to toggle wide dynamic range on and off.

When it comes video quality, it is decent enough. However, if you take a look at the videos taken from some of its rivals, such as that of the VicoVation Opia 2, then this alternative from Thinkware has clips that are softer in comparison. Nevertheless, the camera does a pretty good job in coping up with the brightness.

Even though the Thinkware X550 has no particularly ground-breaking feature, it is still a solid option, especially when you consider its price tag. The features can be well-executed, and you can even have the option of having it permanently mounted. The maximum resolution could be better, but overall Full HD is a suitable arrangement for what this device is worth.


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