Thumb Drift Review – Driving You Insane

It is not just an exaggeration to say the Thumb Drift is one of the games that is actually hard to finish. Learning the game is actually very simple but finishing it is a bit of the question. It takes some patience, quick reflexes, and a lot of luck. The player’s aim is to drift around various tracks, using the power of the thumb to accelerate by swiping or dragging on the screen to make a turn. It is not one of the racing games wherein if the player hits something it would just bounce off or it would only slow the momentum.Making contact with anything in the game and the game is over.

Thumb Drift Review - Driving You Insane

Thumb Drift is Extremely Difficult

Thumb Drift is very tricky at first and it is very sensitive even to the slightest of touch. Being really careful is the key into winning the game, dragging the player’s finger too hard will cause the car to be flying to the edge of the barriers thus ending your progress in the game. Learning how to avoid the hindrances will take a couple of tries until the player gets used to it. Even though it is like that, it does not feel like a hard work. It inspires repeated sessions through a series of missions, unlocks, and faster loading times. At some points in the game, the player is tasked to complete a mission, and coins will be given as a reward. These are classically simple missions like the player needs to gather certain number of coins or reach a certain distance. The player can unlock a new track by reaching a particular goal in terms of distance.

The standard might still be the same but there are other areas in the Thumb Drift app as well that is quite enjoyable to check out. Each track is different from one to another which gives the player an exciting thought of what is to come next. While the tracks are randomly built, the certain characteristics of the game still remain. The player might soon have a particular favorite, and no matter how much the player is not good at the game, he can still unlock the other tracks with some perseverance. Aside from the new tracks that could be unlocked, the player can unlock other cars too. These will be accessible partially through waiting for it to become available, and partly through the coins that the player earned during the game. It is going to take a while to unlock especially when the player is not that good in the game, but the motivation is still there.

Thumb Drift and its directions is never clouded with those unlocks though. It is still a battle between the player’s reactions and the track. It is satisfying for the player to see his skills improve progressively.


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Thumb Drift Review – Driving You Insane
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