TicWatch 2 – A Surprising Low-Cost Smartwatch From China

The TicWatch 2 just very recently launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and it enters the increasingly crowded smartwatch sector. It is expected to hit retail availability in the United States and Europe come fall of this year. The starting price is placed in a happily low-cost point so those wanting to try out this kind of wearable tech will be able to do so without having to break banks.

TicWatch 2 - A Surprising Low-Cost Smartwatch From China

The TicWatch 2 Has a Starting Price of Under $100 for Kickstarter Backers

The TicWatch 2  first debuted in China earlier this year, and it does follow what was seen on the original model that was launched last year while giving it some new upgrades. Even though it does run on the Android-based operating system, it should be noted that this is not an Android Wear smartwatch. The software that it’s running on is called Ticwear, and it dons a custom user-interface, along with a voice-controlled assistant that works independently from Google’s own voice assistant. Its interface does share a number of traits when compared closely to Android Wear watches. These include long-presses to access certain features, and swiping gestures for navigation.

When you take a look at the hardware of the TicWatch 2, it is a bit understated. However, this does not come much of a surprise considering the low-cost price point of the unit. Nevertheless, it does include most of the features that you would want and expect in a basic smartwatch.

It offers a fully circular, always-on OLED display, and it does offer some premium features such as a heart-rate sensor, step tracking, and GPS tracking. It also has 20-millimeter quick release straps, as well as a metal frame. Even though it is happily placed in the low-budget section of the market, you might be mistaken that it does not have such a price point when taking a gander at its design alone.

There is also a lone button found on one side, and an unfortunately named strip that is dubbed as the “Tickle” found on the other. This touch strip can be used for either scrolling or zooming without letting users obscure the view of the screen. This works similarly to the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown.

Aside from these features, the TicWatch 2 also has a built-in speaker for taking phone calls, text-to-speech dictation, as well as audible alerts. It is expected that the battery life will go for a full day before conking out. Charging will take place through a magnetic pad.


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