Tim Cook – Steve Jobs is Not Replaceable, by Anyone

It has already been nearly five years since Steve Jobs stepped down as the Chief Executive Officer of Apple and has handed down the crown and mantle to take over the company over to Tim Cook. Just recently, the current CEO of Apple still calls the Jobs to be irreplaceable. He told the following to Jena McGregor of The Washington Post in a recent interview: “To me, Steve’s not replaceable – by anyone. He was an original of a species.”

Tim Cook - Steve Jobs is Not Replaceable, by Anyone

Tim Cook Firmly Believes That Former Apple CEO is Not Replaceable

Even though Tim Cook has made achievements of his own for the good of Apple, he believes that Jobs had made accomplishments that are, perhaps, more noteworthy. The former Apple chief executive was obsessed with the company’s product’s details, and he has been credited with transforming the Cupertino, California-based tech company for the better. He was able to change several sectors, which include retail, entertainment, and of course, technology. It was reported that he was driven and yet sometimes a ruthless manager.

Steve Jobs was even thrown out of his own company back in 1985, but he maintained an aggressive management style when he went back into the walls of Apple a decade later. Since then, he turned things around, and he was known to be a very aggressive leader. After all, during that time, the company was already on the verge of filing for bankruptcy as it was a major underdog then.

Even though many would deem that Jobs may be one of a kind, current Apple CEO Tim Cook, who donned the position back in August 2011 (which was six weeks prior to the death of Jobs), is taking a less conventional approach with regards to the role. The current chief executive says that he doesn’t want to be a “traditional CEO,” according to what he said to McGregor in the interview.

Tim Cook also adds the following: “I think of a traditional CEO as being divorced from customers. … I also think that the traditional CEO believes his or her job is the profit and loss, is the revenue statement, the income and expense, the balance sheet.” Even though numbers are important within a business, they are not ALL that is important, as he explained in the interview. “There’s an incredible responsibility to the employees of the company, to the communities and the countries that the company operates in, to people who assemble its products, to developers, to the whole ecosystem of the company,” Cook said. “And so I have a maybe nontraditional view there. I get criticized for it some, I recognize. If you care about long-term shareholder return, all of these other things are really critical.”


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