Tim Cook – Why the Apple CEO Loves Pokémon Go

As Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook tries to steer the tech giant into making more money from their products and services, he has found love in the popular hit of a mobile game that is Pokémon Go. The phenomenon has been shown with much love with the mobile gaming community, that it was even able to surpass records. The main reason why the Apple CEO loves this very popular mobile game is because it is making the company a lot of money. This is because the firm takes its cut of the estimated $1.6-million generated per day that the game is generating within iOS devices. When looking at it on the longer term, it does prove that the whole concept of developing mobile applications is still planted firmly into the ground. This is an important victory, philosophically speaking, for Apple as it is able to navigate in an ever-changing tech landscape, and the chief executive knows of this and takes advantage of it.

Tim Cook - Why Apple CEO Loves Pokémon Go

Tim Cook Loves Pokémon Go Since it Brings Apple a Lot of Money

The following is an important piece about Pokémon Go that came from Tim Cook during the Apple earnings call that took place recently: “I think it’s a testament to what happens with innovative apps and the whole ecosystem and the power of a developer being able to press a button, so to speak, and offer their product around the world.” In other words, Pokémon Go has now become the poster child for what mobile applications, as well as Apple’s App Store, is really good at.

Pokémon Go’s augmented-reality-like features of the game requires you to point your smartphone camera wherever the app detects a digital monster nearby. It does rely heavily on a map and a whole lot of walking around. Hence, this does mean that it will never work as a chatbot app. But what it does is its massive global appeal. And once again, Apple CEO Tim Cook knows of this.

As such, Tim Cook knows that the ideal home for the Pokémon Go is in the iPhone (as well as in Android phones, since, well, it is also available in that mobile platform). But even though the mobile app brought about by Niantic Labs is not as close to Apple’s heart as the likes of the App Store, this global phenomenon is still a great victory for the chief executive as it shows that the App Store can continue to keep on growing.


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