Timehop App – The #TBT App That Started it All

Throwbacks were nothing but stored posts or files from a friend’s device then reuploading or resharing them whenever the friend feels like it’s time to remind you of how you look somewhat 5 years ago, this wasn’t a trend back then but when Timehop came out, it’s a cleverly simple app that has a lot of charm. The app allows you to post throwbacks of you and your friends and directly share them on other social media for that burst of nostalgia or embarrassment whichever you choose.

Timehop App – The #TBT App That Started it All

Timehop Lets You Share Old Memories

Timehop is just basically an app that lets you sync it to your other social media and then pulls all the posts from your social media accounts and then displays whichever posts you shared on this day giving you a direct 1-year or more anniversary of a post. The UI is simple, first run of the app asks it to sync it with your social media and once it’s done getting info it displays the posts from last year to as far as your social media account has data of it. The main screen is just basically a stream of all the posts you did as well as text messages if you so choose.Lately Facebook came up with their clone of the app called “On this day” and it’s convenient since it’s tied in with the Facebook app already but it has a few issues such as time zones not syncing properly also it’s only limited to posts on Facebook only so Abe the dinosaur (the app’s mascot; he’s got a time machine backpack) has the advantage here.

For features, the app doesn’t give that much, it features sync to various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Swarm, Dropbox, Google Photos, your own Photo Gallery, as well as text messages saved in your device. Timehop for Android and iOS gets the job done with all the throwback features and social media syncing that you need. Once you’ve chosen a post to share, you have an option to save the post or share it. Sharing it will not re-share the post on the social media site but instead will create a .jpeg of the post if it contains text and shares it as a picture, you have various frames for the post as well as a collage feature. Lastly, as a clever feature, scrolling to the bottom of the screen where the posts will end has Abe the dinosaur shares some historical facts for the current day such as 23 years ago on November 15 Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera joined the cast of Mickey Mouse Club.

While it’s less convenient now that Facebook has its own throwback app integrated into the app as well as the web version, Timehop still has the edge when it comes to timeline accuracy, as well as its own quirks.


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