Tinitell Review – Have Peace of Mind as a Parent

Those who are looking to have peace of mind to keep watch over their children should definitely look at the Tinitell. This is a small watch-slash-phone that can be worn on your child’s wrist. While it might not be the first one on the market to offer such functionalities, this is, perhaps, the best-looking one to-date. However, call quality is poor, but do take note that is not particularly a deal-breaker, especially when it comes to children.

Tinitell Review - Have Peace of Mind as a Parent

The Tinitell is a Very Attractive Watch-Slash-Phone for Your Kids

Unlike other smartwatches wherein you can remove or replace the band, the Tinitell won’t let you do that. It comes with an integrated silicone band, but it does come in four color choices, them being light blue, gray, pink, and dark blue. It’s a one-size-fits-all band, well, for kids’ sizes anyway. It will fit best for the wrists of 7- to 9-year-olds. When worn by kids 10-and-over, it might be a bit too tight.

As for the face on the Tinitell Watch, it comes with one big button, however, there are volume buttons that can be found on the side. It is clear that it is made for children because the user-interface is extremely simple to use. A parent can program it to save 12 phone numbers with the use of an accompanying iOS or Android app.

To use the watch-slash-phone, all the child has to do is the press the device’s large central button, and then they should read the name out loud with the use of the built-in speaker. They can then cycle through the names with the use of the volume buttons found at the side, then press the large button once more to make the call. To answer a call, the child needs to press the large button once more to receive it.

The simplicity of this device might be a double-edged sword as it lacks some emergency features. There is no texting function, no special 911 button, nor other features to enhance the security functionalities of the device. However, when looking at the app, there is one feature that is built for parents – GPS map tracking. It does take approximately 30-seconds before a location can be pinned down, but it is better than nothing.

Overall, the Tinitell is a great watch-phone for kids, despite it having some features that should be there in the first place. With that being said, there are other similar devices on the market that may be a better choice for you to have better peace of mind as a parent, and some of the other alternatives even have dedicated 911 buttons.


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Tinitell Review – Have Peace of Mind as a Parent
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