Tomb of the Mask Review – Retro Goodness

Tomb of the Mask looks like a game that is played on the second generation of Apple products and feels like a frenzied version of Pac-Man. It has all the trappings of a modern mobile game, from simple swapping and swiping to an endless upgrades and characters to unlock. For the players who love vintage appeal in a modern kind of way, this game is really a dream come true. It is an infinite arcade game that makes players to swipe in the direction they want the character to go, collecting points and coins along the way.

Tomb of the Mask Review - Retro Goodness

Tomb of the Mask Plays Similarly Like Pac-Man

Every dot that the player collects in Tomb of the Mask will increase his score like in the Pac-Man game, but unlike Pac-Man, the character will keep on moving until it hits a wall. To keep the gameplay continuing at a blistering speed, the player needs to outrun the “wall of death” that quickly climbs up from the bottom of the screen. The countless obstacles that the game throws on the player’s way are what giving the game its difficulty. It requires quick thinking, as a wrong turn can send the character into its untimely ending.

Other than the deadly spikes, arrows, and critters that come across the player’s way in the Tomb of the Mask game, there are also obstacles that need good timing to push the player through the game. The player will need to avoid bats, or sneak past a puffer fish before it bloats while keeping the pace because of the ‘lava’ that is quickly chasing from the bottom of the screen. To keep up with the game’s fast-paced nature, there are power-ups that can be collected to give the player a temporary advantage during the game, like having the character act as a magnet to collect coins and dots, or have the foes freeze in their place, making it easier to avoid them. The power-ups can be upgraded with the coins that the player earned during the game. He can even unlock permanent bonuses by purchasing different masks.

Tomb of the Mask is a game of quick thinking and accuracy. It remains enthusiastically reachable even though it is akin to a panicky game. Anyone can make progress in the game – but even the best players panicked at times because of the hot lava that is compressing just below the character, or get stopped by trying to figure out the right path to lead to a hidden passage of a bonus room; and that is what makes the game fun.


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Tomb of the Mask Review – Retro Goodness
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