TomTom Touch Review – A Fitbit Contender

With a brand that is synonymous to in-car navigation technology, you wouldn’t take one more guess to find out what the TomTom Touch is capable of. While it does have some navigation features, this is also the first fitness tracker that is made from the company, even though it already made hardcore fitness watches in the past such as the Spark. But one look at it, and you will find that the design looks awfully familiar.

TomTom Touch Review - A Fitbit Contender

The TomTom Touch Looks a Lot Like the Fitbit Alta

One glance at the TomTom Touch and you might immediately mistake it for the Fitbit Alta. It also has a similar design to the Gear Fit. This is because of the tracker having a small screen that can notify you on how many steps you’ve taken, as well as other important pieces of information such as time and the usual smartphone notifications.

As for its strap, it does feel comfortable, and the company does assure its users that the material used in the creation of the band had already undergone the right testing procedures to ensure that it won’t irritate the skin. The entire watch is also waterproof, so it means that you can still wear it even though you’re dripping wet under the rain. However, it is still not recommended that you dunk it in a pool.

When it comes to the actual functionality of the screen of the Touch, this is where things get a bit limited. However, to be fair, this is also the case for many, if not most fitness trackers out there. With its display, you will be able to get details on your step counts, workouts, sleep, and other bits of info right from your wrist. As an added bonus, there’s also an optical heart-rate sensor found underneath the tracker that offers constant sensing into your resting rate.

But perhaps the main selling point of this wearable fitness tracker is that the form of the body composition tech that has been included for the very first time in a wearable device. This is the kind of technology that has been embedded into Fitbit scales, or even those more expensive gym equipment.

Even though it is the company’s first fitness tracker, the TomTom Touch does make some pretty impressive first impressions. Even though there are some features that Fitbit still stands out as the clear winner, there are some brand new functionalities that will still make this device stand out from the market.


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TomTom Touch Review – A Fitbit Contender
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