Top 5 Best Portable Wireless Speakers (2016)

Samsung R7 Wireless 360

1. Samsung R7 Wireless 360 – We Are commonly not swayed by pretty things, but we found the audio engineering in this trendy sound pod exceptional. It provided exciting, comprehensive sound across many music genres of music, played both loud and gently, using its particular diaphragm to spread the sound around our living space.


JBL Charge 2 - Top 5 Best Portable Wireless Speakers 2016
2. JBL Charge 2 – It Is not pocketable, but it trades off its larger size against a much phatter sound, with bass you can feel. Additionally, it works as a awesome portable phone charger.


UE Megaboom - Top 5 Best Portable Wireless Speakers 2016
3. UE Megaboom – Ultimate Ears’ high end sound layout matches the people’s socializing standards in this watertight pool party-starter. Mega volume, mega bass, and all at the greatest end of sound quality. Add the 20-hour battery-life and it is a victor.


oT Turtle Shell 2.0 - Top 5 Best Portable Wireless Speakers 2016
4. oT Turtle Shell 2.0 – This bite-sized, solid small trooper carries a startling force considering its size, and is seriously tough. Come water, dust or drops, it pumps plentiful bass and has nifty managements for melodies everywhere you go.


NudeAudio S - Top 5 Best Portable Wireless Speakers 2016
5. NudeAudio S – It Is a brand new brand available on the market, but it is not merely a catchy name. This is the smallest in the range and will fill a room with sound at a great price point, for anyone searching for an easy mobile- sound alternative.


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