TotalVPN Review – Security and Convenience Combined

TotalVPN, among many other VPN services out there, allows you to browse the World Wide Web but with a more secure connection. VPN, or Virtual Private Network, lets users take advantage of an encrypted tunnel and anonymizing abilities. What does this all mean? It means that journalists, among many other users, are able to operate in countries that do have restrictive Internet policies. With this particular VPN service, it does offer a more secure and convenient offer as compared to many others. However, it does have below standard speed test scores, and the price tags for the packages are more expensive than its competitors.

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TotalVPN Promotes a Great Service, But There are Others That Can Offer Better Performance, and at a Better Price

Even though TotalVPN does have discounts, these are only for the initial subscription term. Also, those who are interested in getting this VPN service, as per the fine print, once that a period has completed, the service will automatically renew itself with a higher rate (which is the full price). There are two-year and an annual plans that are good starters, but beyond that, the full price for the services are just, well, pricier, especially when compared to other VPN services.

But if you want to try it out without having to pay for anything, there is a free option for TotalVPN’s services. It should be noted that free VPN services are quite rare to see, but they are not anything unheard of. Once you’ve signed up for an account, you do have the option to purchase some upgrades that will go along with the base plan. Do know that getting the free option entails a lot of restrictions, and would not give the best browsing experience as compared to the paid options.

The program can be downloaded for Windows and Mac OS X, but it is also available for mobile platforms, namely, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows. The firm also denotes that the software can be installed on game consoles, but doesn’t clearly say how to do that. It should be noted that since your connection will be rerouted, you might notice some slowdowns when using VPNs. However, using this particular service is slower as compared to its rivals.

There are times when using TotalVPN that Internet connection speeds when browsing will slow down by  about 76-percent. Upload speeds can also slow down by approximately 59-percent. There are some VPN services that will slow download and upload speeds by around 5 to 20-percent only. Therefore, while this particular service does offer a secure and convenient way of browsing the World Wide Web through an encrypted line, the higher price tag and the slower performance might be deal-breakers for some.

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TotalVPN Review – Security and Convenience Combined
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