TrackID for Android – Know That Tune

Music recognition apps are few but they can be very useful, there’s popular apps such as Shazam and SoudHound but Sony’s TrackID had humbler beginnings and is now one of the fastest music recognition apps in the market. The app started out as bundled software for Sony’s then-Sony Ericson Android smartphones specifically their “Walkman phones” as a way to emphasize that these series of smartphones are dedicated for music and that it maximizes its capabilities be it music playback and even adding useful features such as music recognition to further enhance your experience with the devices.

TrackID Android – Know That Tune

TrackID Manages to Keep up With the Competition by Keeping Everything as Simple as Possible

With Sony Ericson becoming just Sony and reworked their smartphone lines for how many times, gone are the days where Sony Walkman phones were a thing and so did TrackID becoming an app that can be downloaded by anyone freely on the app store. The UI is simple, a simple color theme, three tabs and a big scan button at the bottom center of the main page. The original app had a very simple UI, open the app, press the big record button, then you wait for results. Today, the app adds lots of new features. The main screen now has three tabs mainly history, discover, and live.

For features, the app has evolved into a very versatile app, the three tabs have their own function and first of which is the history tab where you record song samples for recognition and store recent identified tracks for future reference (it’s a very handy feature), discover lets you know what’s the most listened to tracks in your country or worldwide etc, live is some sort of quirky feature as it lets you know what’s being listened to or being scanned with the app right now. Aside from those, TrackID for Android has music streaming service integration so what you scan with the app gets integrated with your music service such as Spotify. Another useful feature is the offline scanning mode which lets you record the sound clip for later recognition when the data connection is a bit fuzzy. In the original app, the recognition will simply fail to recognize the song when there’s no internet connection, a feature to recognize later is simple but indispensable.

TrackID remains simple yet very useful among other popular music recognition apps in the market, for a simple app that works fast with zero fuss, this app is highly recommended, at least when compared to Shazam, this app has no paid version to fully unlock all of its features staying true to its humble beginnings.


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TrackID for Android – Know That Tune
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