Train Conductor World Review – Enter the European Railway

Train Conductor World sounds like quite a boring game. Who wants to route trains all day, right? As it turns out, many players do. It sounds and looks like it might be an obscure stroll through the world of train conductors, but actually it is a fast-paced and engaging title that will have the players dreaming of switching tracks and spend a few hours of sending trains on their way.

Train Conductor World Review - Enter the European Railway

The Train Conductor World Brings Realism to Mobile

The player’s mission is to make sure that the trains appearing across the screen when playing Train Conductor World gets to where they need to go without bumping with the other trains. The player must reroute traffic by choosing a train and dragging it to another track to divert it properly; it will be a game over if the player accidentally diverts a train on the wrong track. The player is assigned a set number of tracks to manage with the new trains; tracks can also be merged, but it can be hard to figure out where the trains should be send especially when there is more than one train coming at once.

There are eleven different locations each with an objective of their own, it will allow the player to open additional track pieces to make way across Europe. The tracks, environments, and locations changes as the game progresses, so even with modest beginnings, the player will be traveling Paris, Amsterdam, and many more places.

It is just a bonus to get to see the world and the various European locales in a game. There is absolutely nothing to dragging and merging tracks, but the Train Conductor World app feels fantastic just the way it is built. The player even has the option of stopping the train for a moment if there is a need for a time to think.

It could have very easily gone down if it featured realistic trains, switches, and tracks but the milder-colored voxel trains not only make the game feel great as a touch control-based work, but obviously bringing it closer to mind games like Crossy Road and other alike games. The music is pleasant to hear, and while there is so much earnestness onscreen, it will be hard to focus on ominous emergencies like two trains colliding into each other when the game feels so tempting.

Train Conductor World is a colorful and amusing riff on time management sims with plenty to offer, and it is also free to play.  The player can make several in-game purchases to customize the trains or buy additional train tracks, but it is completely optional.


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Train Conductor World Review – Enter the European Railway
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