Trip Advisor – Powered by Fellow Travellers

There’s something oddly satisfying about planning out your vacations, what’s more awesome is that through advanced planning and scheduling, you’re setting up a hassle-free vacation that’s got all your hotels booked, and most of the costs accounted for; the Trip Advisor does just that. It gets more close at heart as the app is crowd-sourced so that means you get the most honest reviews, and intimate indoor shots of hotel/resort amenities instead of post processed and pre-prepped shoot locations that looks far from the real deal.

Trip Advisor – Powered by Fellow Travellers

Trip Advisor Has an Established Community to Provide Great Content

Based on the Trip Advisor mother website, the app uses the site’s well-established database comprising of millions of reviews by travellers making it a highly-reliable hotel/resort review source. Going back to the app being based on the main website, the UI is slightly different but the info is the same, it just gives you a new way of accessing it. There’s nothing fancy on the UI it just shows all the important stuff, and gives it to you fast and easy. Opening the app, its search bar is ready with quick options at the bottom for anything near you right now, hotels, flights, restaurants, interesting activities, and more; it even has a forum to read about discussions. Below that are highlights such as top 10 destinations, and more. The bar at the bottom has the tabs that let you switch between “search”, “my saves” or your saved places, write a review, and notifications. Inputting a search query will quickly bring up suggestions for places sorted by a filter that orders the places by rating, cost, etc. Opening the place will show the review section with content such as pictures of the place, it’s address as well as quick navigation via Google maps, more reviews, as well as more options like adding your own rating and writing your own review. The top bar has buttons for showing the place on the map, a “call” button if contacts are provided, a “been” button, and a save button.

The best feature of the app is perhaps its vast database of reviews. Only a few apps can rival Trip Advisor Android’s content. Other features include an offline mode where you get to download the whole city so that you can access the contents even while there’s no data available. The sidebar has your bookings, downloaded cities, draft reviews and more options. The app is also well integrated with other apps installed in your device such as integration with Uber and Google maps for commuting and navigation respectively.

Trip Advisor is an easy suggestion as it provides the most available information that’s to its established user base, while it may have a few hiccups with your location and the nearby places it suggest, it gets the job done and there’s no better app that has this much content.


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