Tritton Katana HD Review – Mind the Overbearing Design

It is being advertised that the Tritton Katana HD is the ultimate companions for audio-centric gamers out there. The reason being this is the first wireless stereo headset that is able to deliver an uncompressed virtual surround sound. This is a very great selling point if you’re the type to want an optimal immersive experience in a convenient package. However, the design might be too overbearing for some; but if you can make do with its design, then you’re about to get good, if not even great audio from your games.

Tritton Katana HD Review - Mind the Overbearing Design

The Tritton Katana HD Has a Design That’s Way Too Out There

The Tritton Katana HD is compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Furthermore, it features DTS surround sound technology as well. For the most part, it greatly delivers top-notch surround sound experiences. However, it still can’t match the equivalent of wired headphones, but it does sound better than other similarly priced units. Furthermore, going wireless is definitely great for gamers, especially when you want, or have to sit across the room whenever you’re playing.

Another unique aspect about the Katana HD is the little aspect wherein all the heavy lifting of its tricks are being done. It is powered by a USB port, and it has two HDMI ports. There is one HDMI port for input, and the other is for output. You will plug this central box to your console or PC with the use of the HDMI input. As for the HDMI output, it will pass the video signal to your TV or monitor.

One look at its design and you would immediately know that this is not a subtle headset. The colors scream “gamer” in every which way. In fact, this might one of the most garish headsets that you can purchase and wear. There is a white and orange color combination available for purchase, as well as a black and orange variant.

While the design of the Tritton Katana HD might be too way out there, you would be able to enjoy an uncompressed surround sound experience. This type of feature works in combination of HDMI and DTS technology. For the most part, it does a pretty good job at it. But if there was an issue with regards to its audio experience, it’s that there is a slightly underpowered low end performance. Overall, the headset does perform decently, but you will have to make do with its design.


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Tritton Katana HD Review – Mind the Overbearing Design
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