Twitch – Cracking Down on Steaming Pokémon Go Cheaters

Twitch, the popular streaming service, has recently announced that they will start cracking down on Pokémon Go streamers that are relying on cheats to blaze through the competition within the mobile hit of a game brought to the world by Niantic Labs. Streamers who are playing the game that are aided by a third-party software that can track Pokémon effectively, or those that spoof their GPS locations so that they appear somewhere else in an instant will “receive a strike on their account.” Acquiring three strikes will inevitably lead in a ban.

Twitch - Cracking Down on Steaming Pokémon Go Cheaters

Twitch Won’t Have an Pokémon Go Cheaters Streaming Their Content

It is not just Twitch that has been having problems with regards to Pokémon Go cheaters, as Niantic and many within the community playing the mobile game are crying foul. Niantic defines cheating as “using modified or unofficial software; playing with multiple accounts (one account per player, please); sharing accounts; using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your location; or selling/trading accounts.” There are players that exploit the game to give an unfair advantage towards the rest of the community. One of these is the aforementioned GPS spoofing wherein your avatar within the game can instantly appear in an another region to catch even more Pokémon.

The streaming service has had a problem with these cheaters since the release of Pokémon Go back in July. There are streamers that would play the game with the use of a computer program, and then use the software to spoof their GPS so that they can easily catch Pokémon practically anywhere without having to leave their seats. By doing so, Twitch streamers would still be able to be active on chat and easily take videos of themselves while playing. There are even bolder players that would give cheating tutorials live.

It has been reported by The Daily Dot that even by late July, Twitch was slowly banning streamers who are using third-party software to exploit the game. There is an official statement brought about by the streaming service that comes out strongly towards cheaters, and that it is already a widespread occurrence within the streaming platform. The statement includes the following: “The above behavior is prohibited on Twitch by both our Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service. As of August 8th, anyone sharing content that features or promotes cheating in Pokémon GO will receive a strike on their account. We ask that broadcasters take appropriate steps to ensure that their content is not at risk.”


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Twitch – Cracking Down on Steaming Pokémon Go Cheaters
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