Twitter – How to Get Your Account Verified

If you’re an avid Twitter user, then you might have noticed that small blue check mark right beside the names of some accounts. This symbol means that the account has been verified. The social media portal has now made it easier for anyone to request that their account is verified. Having a verified account will get you that blue tick right next to your name. While it doesn’t do much, it does, however, give you prestige on the portal, and it also shows that you are an account that’s worth following.

Twitter - How to Get Your Account Verified

Getting Your Twitter Account Verified

Step 1 – The first thing you have to do for your Twitter account to get verified is for you to fill out the Twitter Verification form. If you’re working within the government, religion, media, sports, business, music, politics, or other key interesting industries, then you have a better chance of getting your account verified than the average person.

Step 2 – While filling out the form, you would have to provide a number of required information. These are a verified phone number, a bio, a header photo, a website, a confirmed email address, a profile photo, a birthday, and the tweets are set to be viewed by the general public in the portal’s privacy settings.

Step 3 – Once you’re done filling out the Twitter Verification Form, you will then have to wait for them to make a decision if they should verify you or not. If you want a better chance of your account being verified, you should use a username that will immediately reflect your real name, or the company that you’re working for. Furthermore, the photo and/or the header photo should that be of yourself or the brand that you’re trying to promote. Also, if the account is connected to a company or corporate account, then the email address used should be that of the firm’s email address.

Step 4 – Aside from these, Twitter might get back to you to provide further information about yourself, as well as the account for them to consider verification. You may even be asked why you’re trying to verify your account. Hence, you would have to explain how your account reflects that of the field where you’re located.  You will also be asked to provide a URL of a website that will prove that you, or the company, is worthy of that verification. You might even be asked to provide a scan of a form of ID.


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