Twitter – How to Search for Practically Anything

When Twitter launched back in the year 2006, it was well-received by millions of netizens around the globe. This social media portal allowed users to post an update while staying within the lines of a very small character count. Think about this – when you can post an entire short story (perhaps) on Facebook, in Twitter, it’s just practically one sentence before a warning pops up that you’ve gone over the character limit. But because of this, it might be a hassle when it comes to searching for a particular tweet in the social media portal, because there would be a ton of results that will show up. Not to worry as you can take advantage of the Advanced Search function instead.

Twitter - How to Search for Practically Anything

Making Use of the Advanced Search Function in Twitter to Search for Practically Anything Within the Portal

Step 1 – The first step is to, of course, log into your Twitter account. Next, head on to the Advanced Search feature and you will see a bunch of options here as compared to just typing something in the search bar above the page. You can start by letting the social networking portal search for specific words within a tweet. What’s more is that you can even fine tune the search results to include or exclude certain search parameters. This way, you will be able to get the tweet you’re looking for (perhaps a tweet that would save your job, just saying).

Step 2 – Moving down into the Twitter Advanced Search feature, and you would be able to search for the tweets you want from a specific person. Once again, you can even fine tune your search results here as you can search for tweets of conversations that have the people typed into the search parameters. You can also search for tweets that mentions a particular Twitter handler (this is your name in the social media portal, the one with “@” symbol beside it, just in case you didn’t know yet).

Step 3 – Lastly, you can also search for tweets that have been posted in Twitter from a specific date range. So if you’re unsure as to what date the tweet was posted, but you’re sure that it was posted sometime between the 1st of January to the 25th of February of this year, then you can limit your search results to this time period. When using all of these tools, you can then search for practically anything within the social media portal, that is unless the user of the tweet decides to keep things private.


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