Twitter – How to Stop Viewing Retweets From a User

If you’re on Twitter more than any other social media platform available, then you might be annoyed by looking at a certain user’s fascination over retweeting practically anything he or she sees. This can then flood your feed, which inhibits you from viewing other tweets from other users because of the constant updating. So what do you do? You might be thinking that it is best to just unfollow them right off the bat when they start their retweeting binge once again. However, they might catch wind of your move that they would unfollow you back, causing you to lose Followers in the process (Yikes!). The good news is that the social media platform lets you stop seeing your followers retweets but can still see their personal tweets. Interested on learning how to do that? Then read on.

Twitter – How to Stop Viewing Retweets From a User

Stop Seeing Retweets From a Twitter User Without Resorting to Unfollowing Them

Step 1 – First of all, you have to sign into your Twitter account, and perhaps by the time you log in properly and the page (or app) loads, then you will be brought with the clear view of a user’s immense number of retweets. You finally put your foot down and say to yourself that “this cannot stand any longer.”

Step 2 – After raging about it after a few seconds, head on to that Twitter user’s profile page, and now you will be able to see those many retweets even more. But this is besides the point because it might be the last you will ever see of that insane number of retweets. While within the user’s profile page, click on the cog icon that is located right beside the blue “Following” button. After which, a popup menu will appear.

Step 3 – There are many options that will be within said popup menu, but the one that you want can be seen plain as day. Click on the “Turn off Retweets” menu item and it will automatically hide all retweets from the user within your feed.

Step 4 – There is no other necessary step to take as Twitter will automatically save what you did for you. But what if you just want to get rid all of that user’s tweets, retweets included, in your own feed without resorting to an unfollow? Head on back to their profile page and click on that same cog icon; now, click on the “Mute” menu item, and you will no longer here anything from that user. Well, unless of course they give you a direct message or reply to your tweet, then that’s a whole different story.


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