Twitter – Social Media Denies it Can See Vine Passwords

Twitter Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey is now being subjected to cyber attacks from hacker group OurMine. The group sets its sights on the popular social media portal after previously hijacking accounts from executives at other social networking websites. They have already infiltrated the accounts of Google’s Sunder Pichai, AOL’s Steve Case, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, and even Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. The proclamation to attack the Twitter CEO’s account was done just recently as the hacker group was able to post the announcement using Dorsey’s own account. Also, the group also claims that it has already gained access to his Dropbox folders, wherein it allegedly discovered evidence that the popular social networking portal is able to see Vine passwords.

Twitter - Social Media Denies it Can See Vine Passwords

 Twitter CEO Reports the Social Media Network Does not See Vine Passwords

Twitter blatantly denies the thought that they are able to see Vine passwords. A company spokesperson had told VentureBeat that the screenshot that the group posted told the masses that the social media portal is able to see the passwords of the video-capturing and sharing service. The spokesperson stated that the screenshot is not an accurate depiction of the Vine admin site. “Our Vine admin site is restricted to Twitter IPs, is HTTPs, and never shows passwords in any form. We securely store our passwords per industry best practices,” as told by the spokesperson to VentureBeat in an email.

In a recent blog post by the hacker group, OurMine states that the DropBox account of the Twitter CEO contains “all Vine Files including picture of the control panel of Vine.” Also, the group also posted a screenshot wherein people are lead to believe that it proves that those who have access to the admin panel “can see private information,” which of course includes user passwords.

A member of the OurMine group claims that what they got was the truth, as the person says the Vine files were taken directly from the DropBox account of Dorsey, which included the alleged screenshot of the admin control panel.

It has been known that OurMine has been taking over various social media accounts from different individuals for a number of weeks now, and they have already taken a hold of accounts coming from Foursquare, Twitter, and Quora. It is said that the reason why they are doing this is to promote security, as they take control of accounts to find security flaws within the various systems and websites.


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