Twofold Inc. Review – Bring in the Fun

Twofold Inc. is a game that makes the player feels like it was made for these valuable few minutes of downtime. It is really different from what people normally see out of puzzle apps, but it is still a whole lot of fun to play.

Twofold Inc. Review - Bring in the Fun

Twofold Inc. is a Great Timewaster

Mobile games are really a good timewasters, especially when you’re talking about Twofold Inc. That goes for all the users; many of us open an app to pass the time while waiting for something or someone.

In this game, the player needs to gather together the same-colored blocks and arrange them to fill the “request” on the top left side of the screen. The player needs to make larger and larger chains using the blocks and there will also be a time to beat while clearing out the requests. The player can store blocks at the bottom of the screen and just drag it up back again when it is needed.

A new opportunity is opened in every turn the player takes as he needs to clear up the requests given, arrange a new chain, or decide ahead to make sure that he will not be stocked with a lot of unwanted blocks. There are still a set number of moves that the player in Twofold Inc. needs to consider while playing, which makes the player more vigilant in every move he makes. This opens up a whole new world of potentials for gameplay, at times, offering a way out of rougher situations when the player needs it and at the same time keeping things fresh. It can be frustrating at times but fortunately there is a little robotic buddy that is willing to help the player to keep him in the game, even when the player thinks he might be stuck. The player can keep on repeating the game over and over again, and it is also convenient as it can be played single-handedly, especially when the player plays it while on the go. It can begin to get into the nerves a little as the player plays it a bit longer. The scenery stays as it is, and it is obviously the same type of puzzle over and over again. It is understandable that this game can’t be everything the player wanted it to be, especially when the player is looking for something more.

Still, Twofold Inc. is a good way to spend time and a few dollars. It is cartoony but at the same time it is also modern, and friendly but also challenging. The player will definitely be thankful for it as it breaks the mold of other puzzle games.


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Twofold Inc. Review – Bring in the Fun
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