UA Band Review – Under Armour and HTC Team Up

It is not rare to see two companies team to create a product, and in the case of the UA Band, Under Armour and HTC banded together to form a feature-packed fitness tracker. The smartphone manufacturer teamed up with one of the largest names in performance sporting goods, and the result is a fitness tracker that does have what you need to track your fitness-related activities, and even more. Even though this is not particularly impressive as compared to many modern smartwatches, especially those located in the higher-end of the market such as the Apple Watch, it does pretty good for what it can do. Plus, the smart companion app, dubbed the UA Record, shows a decent amount of information to let you know if you’ve accomplished any of your fitness goals.

UA Band Review - Under Armour and HTC Team Up

 The UA Band Might be What the Fitness Community is Just Waiting for

For its display, the UA Band is of the low-resolution rectangular variety. The screen is a 1.3-inch PMOLED touch capacitive display, and it certainly does not scream high quality upon first glance. This might become difficult for the tracker to compete with competitors, especially those manufactured from big-name contenders. However, this particular wearable device presents slick on-screen elements that are simple and efficiently mapped out.

When you press its red button, it will bring the touch sensitive display to life. By default, it will immediately show you the time. From the clock face, you will be able to drill down into other pieces of information with the use of a tap, or an easy swipe to the left or right.

Even though it doesn’t have the flair for some high-end smartwatches or fitness trackers on the market, the PMOLED display on the Under Armour Band has its presents beams of soft, white light with fluid animations. As such, since it is immediately obvious that the display doesn’t eke out a lot of power, battery life is not a major problem for this particular wearable tech. This is a boon for fitness-centric individuals as there are some trackers that pose a rich, colorful display but wouldn’t last long.

The UA Band performs quite decently for what it can do, and by what it can do it means that it can track your various activities efficiently. But by looking at a design standpoint, this is, by no means at all, a re-imagining of the modern smartwatch or a wearable tech. But perhaps it wasn’t made to be as once you wrap it around your wrist, it does feel unobtrusive with a sense of refinement.


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