Ubisoft – CEO Gives the Cold Shoulder to Vivendi

The Chief Executive Officer of Ubisoft stated that he’s confident that the firm will be able to fend off a move by Vivendi in order obtain a seat within the company’s board of directors. Still, the CEO says that the company is exploring other options, just in case that it could not achieve such a goal. Vivendi has steadily been buying shares from the French videogame publisher for the past eight months, and it has even raised its stake by 17.7-percent. This comes following the hostile acquisition of Gameloft by Vivendi, wherein the former company was founded by the same brothers.

Ubisoft - CEO Gives the Cold Shoulder to Vivendi

Ubisoft Confident That it Can Fend Off Vivendi

Yves Guillemot, co-founder, chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Ubisoft, says the following: “we have Plan A and Plan B. Plan A is to remain independent. Plan B is going with another group, either in the game industry or with a technology or other types of company. Those are the two options at this point and they are both still open.”

At the time of writing, discussions are found to be underway with both potential shareholders of whom would give the necessary backing towards the Guillemots within their battle with the French media conglomerate’s “creeping control” bid for the videogame publisher, as well as with other possible partner firms. Guillemot, unsurprisingly, is not willing to expand on that note.

“We had good discussions with a certain number of partners, but we can’t say more at the moment,” he explains. “In due time, we will announce things.” It is known that Vivendi has sold off its 85-percent share in Activision-Blizzard back in July of the year 2013 for the figure of $8-billion for the purpose of reducing debt. However, in October of last year, the company did show strong interest in returning in the gaming industry as it has quickly bought shares of Gameloft and Ubisoft. However, this has been done over the objection of the company’s officials.

By adding these two gaming companies in their list, Vivendi aims to become a larger force within the European media realm. Guillemot, on the other hand, insists that the two companies are not compatible. He believes that the current shareholders will side with the management, due to the firm’s long-term projections, as well as its financial performance.

Guillemot said the following: “I think it would be very costly to go aggressively after Ubisoft. It’s an industry where people move fast from one place to another, so they would have a big risk to lose some of  the key talents.”


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