UBTech Alpha 1 Pro Review – Wish it Could do More

What is the UBTech Alpha 1 Pro, exactly? To put it as simply as possible, this is a toy robot. In fact, it is another humanoid robot brought into the market. However, it still won’t make you a cup of coffee, nor will it do your math homework for you. But what this robot can do is provide you a decent level of entertainment. It has an articulated body through its 16 motor servos. These servos are the joints of the mini-machine, and it does offer a superb range of movement, as far as toy robots go, anyway. It can show you some dance moves, walk with you, play a bit of football (for its size), and it can even show you some kung-fu moves. All of which can be done through its accompanying app. But once you burn through all of what it can do, you will be left with nothing else to do.

UBTech Alpha 1 Pro Review - Wish it Could do More

The UBTech Alpha 1 Pro Has a Few Hours of Playability

Right out of the box, the UBTech Alpha 1 Pro comes fully assembled, and it is accompanied with only a few accessories. Speaking of its accessories, there are actually only two – a mains charger and a mini USB cable. But what you do get is a buff-looking toy robot with its chest all puffed-out. It even has broad shoulders, which would give the impression that it might be able to lift some of your weights (but don’t try it). But beyond the huge shoulders and massive chest (once again, for a toy robot), he’s still a pretty generic-looking humanoid robot.

Clad in an awful lot of white plastic, perhaps the only thing breaking the design of the Alpha 1 Pro are the black plastic and silver metal which can be found on all of those 16 servos. As for the eyes and ears, they do house LEDs that will indicate its status. But even though it does have its own eyes and ears, there are no cameras nor listening-capabilities here. This means if you’re looking for gesture controls, or if you want to control it using your voice, you can’t. Once again, all of the controls are done with the app, and practically nothing else.

Since the UBTech Alpha 1 Pro comes fully-assembled right out of  the box, the only thing you have to do is charge the battery to have it waiting for your next command. But once you burn through all of the commands found in the app, there’s nothing else left to expect. This might be a good gift for the holidays for your kids, but there are other, smarter toy robots on the market that can do even more.


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UBTech Alpha 1 Pro Review – Wish it Could do More
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