UE Roll 2 Review – A Poolside Partner

The market is now literally, well, littered with portable Bluetooth speakers, but there are a lot that you can’t take with you when you’re about to take a day (or night) at the pool, but the UE Roll 2 is not one such device. There are some that may call it a gimmick, but this waterproof wonder is here to stay. It is an IPX7-rated speaker that offers an improved sound from the original model. But even though there are improvements at play, the speaker is happily placed at a lower price point than the original. However, it has a muddy bass that keeps it from becoming one of the best low-budget Bluetooth speakers that you can buy.

UE Roll 2 Review - A Poolside Partner

The UE Roll 2 is Slightly Falls Short on Becoming Perfect

One look at the UE Roll 2 and you might probably think that you’ve seen the design somewhere before, but you don’t know when and where you’ve seen it. There are Bluetooth speakers wherein the next iteration of the unit will look, more or less, like the device that came before it. However, in this case, the resemblance towards original unit is uncanny. In terms of design alone, you would be hard-pressed to tell the two Bluetooth speakers apart when they’re placed side-by-side. More or less, this second iteration has the exact same shell that Ultimate Ears released with the first variant. However, it has now expanded the color palette even further so that includes a graffiti-like look.

Just like the patterns found on the Roll 2, the speaker’s controls are also kept to a bare minimum. On the front, you will be able to see large plus and minus buttons that will raise and lower the volume levels of your tracks respectively. On the back of the unit, you will find the power and Bluetooth sync buttons, and these are located just inches away from a sealed compartment. This compartment holds the microUSB and 3.5-millimeter auxiliary ports.

Even though the exteriors of the unit remains largely unchanged when comparing it to its predecessor, the company has completed re-crafted its internal components that it gives out a whole new audio experience.

The UE Roll 2, despite its rather portable size, is a loud speaker. Still, there are others that can perform louder but it can reach rather high volumes nonetheless. However, the audio performance is not as well-rounded as you might have hoped. The bass performance is muddy, but it does have exceptionally clear highs and mids. But if you do want a poolside audio device that will help you eke out tunes while you’re out getting a tan, or enjoying in the pool with the kids, then this is still a solid choice.


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