Units for Android – Useful When You Need it the Most

Back in the days of feature phones where smartphones were a luxury, you’re basically stuck with what you have pre-installed on your phone; it’s funny to think that in the age of smartphones with sophisticated hardware and software that a basic app like this doesn’t come with the calculator app, this is where Units comes in. Sure many apps like this are available like but this app has the better-looking UI and has more conversion options than what the others offer.

Units Android – Useful When You Need it the Most

Units is Dead Simple to Use

Units has the material design integrated into its UI so everything is colourful, clean, clear, easy to use and easy to read. Opening the app you’re put into the main screen where it’s ready to do some converting. The top bar has the current conversion mode, a clear button and an options button for settings and for copying results, a shortcut button for copying results on the main screen would be nice but it’s there. Below the bar is the X and Y input areas for getting the conversion. For example in the length conversion mode you want a kilometre to mile conversion, simply input X kilometres, and Y miles will come out; it’s that simple. A drop down menu for the unit conversion will show the various units available for conversion under the current conversion mode. And that’s it, below the conversion screen is the reverse button which simply reverses your input, for example 1 mile = 1.609 kilometers, pressing the reverse button will turn it into 1 kilometer = 0.621 miles. Swiping from the left or pressing the conversion mode button will show the list of available conversion modes.

This app is very simple and very basic so there’s not much for unique features, it just gets the job done. What separates Units for Android from the others although is that it has a vast amount of conversion modes. With 25 modes to choose from, it includes basics such as length and mass to more obscure yet very useful modes such as data transfer as well as less frequently used radiation activity and dosage conversion mode. Each mode has almost all units covered and it’ll just lengthen this review if we go over each mode and their units; it’s that deep. Perhaps the best feature is the fact that it’s free, it has no paid version and it’s completely devoid of ads.

Units is like the Swiss army knife of conversion apps, like the knife it’s has a small footprint, looks elegant, and has all the useful stuff (including less useful) that you’ll be needing.


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