Upright Posture Training Wearable Review – Stand up Straight!

If you find yourself slouching a lot of times, and you want to correct your posture, then the Upright Posture Training Wearable might be the device for you. This is a wearable device that is designed to retrain you for better posture. There will be a digital nag, but it does have good intentions. The package comes neatly packaged in a cute wireless charging cradle. There’s also a stack of adhesive pads, as well as some alcohol wipes. The device itself is that of a small, white plastic variety, and it is about 5-inches in height and approximately 2-inches in width. Prior to using it, you will need to have the Android or iOS into your phone or tablet, and then you have to connect the Upright through the use of Bluetooth.

Upright Posture Training Wearable Review - Stand up Straight!

The Pursuit for Better Posture, Even With the Upright Posture Training Wearable, is not an Enjoyable One

Once the Upright Posture Training Wearable is attached, you will have to calibrate it. The mobile application will prompt you whenever you have to sit up straight, and then it will tell you that you should slouch (for now). This is so that the sensors within the device can record your posture positions as it will learn through a smart algorithm to help you adjust your specific back.

The cumbersome thing about the Upright Wearable is not that you would have to calibrate the device every time you put it on. This is because you might not put it in exactly the same spot. It is a bit of a chore, and there might even be some occasions wherein it will fail to detect if you’re slouching for no apparent reason. If so, then you would have to turn it off and on once more, then go through the calibration process once again to reset things.

But if you can make it to work, it will set up a training schedule for you. For over 24-days, you will be asked to gradually increase the time that you’re using the device. It will start from five minutes-per-day up to an hour. You can, of course, put in some overtime if you desire.

So what does the Upright Posture Training Wearable do exactly? Every time you slouch, the device will vibrate. If you look into the accompanying app, you will see the training period counting down. Should you have a good posture, it will display a happy green face. However, it will change to orange if you’re slouching slightly, and then it will change to an unhappy red face when you go into a full slump. While it is always great to correct your posture, the constant buzzing will give make you into a frightful piece of work. The experience is definitely not pleasant, but to make sure that you don’t slouch all the time, this does help a lot (if you can make it work properly).


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Upright Posture Training Wearable Review – Stand up Straight!
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