Urbanears Plattan II Review – A Comfortable Sequel

When you know your headphones, then you might look at the Urbanears Plattan II to be very similar-looking to its direct predecessor. However, there are subtle tweaks to its sound that makes the already great audio performance even greater. Furthermore, the comfort levels have also been tweaked to offer a greater sense of comfort for these fun and stylish pair of audio-listening devices.

Urbanears Plattan II Review - A Comfortable Sequel

The Urbanears Plattan II Excels in the Field of Comfort and Sound

It doesn’t mean that the Urbanears Plattan II looks so much like its predecessor that they are exactly the same. When looking from afar, the headphone might be identical to the original model. However, it is not until you look closer that you will notice the subtle difference found within its design. Aside from making use of thicker earpads for the added comfort, there are now more metal accents to be found. But just like the original model, the only branding can only be found on a small fabric flab which can be found within the right side of the headband. This is great for those who hate obnoxious branding schemes brought about by other headphone manufacturers.

One feature that you might like with the Plattan II is its friction size adjustment. There are headphones that make use of the clicky stepped adjustments found in the headband, but for this particular headphone, you can just put them on and it will, quite literally, adjust for you. You can even fold up the device for easier storage and transport.

There are also other tricks up its sleeve, such as a 3.5-millimeter jack that can be found on each earcup. Therefore, you can attach a removable cable on either side which gives its users added flexibility.

Yes, these are all cool and all, but what do this pair of headphones sound like? Before we go into that, know that one of the biggest complaints about the original Plattan is its rather middling sound quality. It was not worse for wear, it’s just that it’s not good enough to beat the competition. Thankfully, with this updated model, the manufacturer was able to tune the sound signature to make for a better performing headset in the audio department.

Listening with the Urbanears Plattan II, you will find that the bass is fun and presents plenty of kick without drowning out the other areas of the audio spectrum. Still, throw in some tunes with some really deep bass and it can drown out some parts of the audio frequency. However, it doesn’t interfere with the fact that this is one of the most comfortable pieces of audio-listening technology that you wouldn’t mind buying immediately.


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Urbanears Plattan II Review – A Comfortable Sequel
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