V-Moda Forza Review – Modify the Appearance to Suit Your Needs

For most of the time, headphones are a WYSIWYG affair (that’s What You See is What You Get), but that won’t be the case for the V-Moda Forza. With this particular headphone entering the market, the brand is looking to continue their success streak in offering a reasonably-priced pair with its own unique feature. What’s so unique about it? This particular pair of headphones is actually modular. Hence, you can put on or remove modules to fit your specific needs.

V-Moda Forza Review - Modify the Appearance to Suit Your Needs

The V-Moda Forza is a Modular Pair of Headphones

One look at the V-Moda Forza and it would be a case of “love it or hate it” for many. This is because the firm is known for their aggressive styling for their headphones. The earbuds are of the hexagonal variety and there is s 45-degree angle headphone jack that would feel quite weird for some. In fact, the styling is very much like many gaming headphones/headsets because of the sheer lack of rounded surfaces.

Even though the design might certainly be aggressive, the Forza is an understate pair for V-Moda’s standards. This is because the company is known for even more aggressive styling with regards to its products. Here, the earbuds have a black and dark gray color palette going on, and it might make you compare it to the stylings of a stealth fighter jet. The headphones themselves are a pretty normal pair, that is until you look at the accessories that will be accompanied right out of the box.

As mentioned earlier, the most interesting design option for this pair of headphones is the fact that it is modular. There are 3D-printed ear caps (sold separately) that can slip over the earbuds for added flair. Furthermore, there are also wingtips, or ear hooks if you like to call them as such, that can be attached to the ear buds for when you don’t want the headphones to jiggle around whenever you’re working out. In that regard, do take note that the earbuds are sweat and weather resistant.

So what does the V-Moda Forza sound like? You will be able to take advantage of a fun, yet slightly bass-heavy audio performance. With this kind of experience, it is clear that this might be made for fitness-centric individuals. Those who are looking for a purer sound performance across the audio spectrum may want to turn their wallets, and their ears somewhere else.


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