Verizon – New Options Could Save You Money

Mobile service carrier Verizon is hiking its prices for its cellphone plans, but it also brings new options that might actually give customers a better chance at saving money. Should you opt on doing nothing, then the charges for your chosen plans won’t automatically go up. There are, however, new benefits that were announced on Wednesday of last week, which include better option while travelling to Mexico and Canada, that require you to switch to new rates.

Verizon - New Options Could Save You Money

Better Options for Verizon Lets Customers Save More Money Despite Price Hikes

People are still making plenty of calls while under contract with Verizon, and many are using plain old data (much of them use it for playing games, browsing through social media, and streaming videos), these are emerging to become the most important part of a customer’s cellphone plan. The mobile carrier’s changes do reflect that, and even if you’re already happy with your current plan, it might interest you to just even take a look on what’s on offer.

First of all, let’s talk about the Verizon’s price hikes as its charges go up by $5 to $10-per month. However, customers will be able to get more data. Hence, the cost-per-gigabyte will actually go down. When you’re under the old plan from the mobile carrier, you will have to pay $50-per-month for 1-gigabyte of cellular data. But just recently, the base plan will now be offered for 2-gigabutes for $55.

Here’s how it all adds up – if a family of four would be sharing 12-gigabytes of mobile data coming from this mobile services provider, they would have to pay $160. With the new pricing scheme, that same family of four would now pay $170 but will have 16-gigabytes to use on a monthly basis. Do take note that these prices do not include the phone.

Should your data plan needs fall somewhere between the two options, you would have to bump up to a higher plan. However, since each offering is now getting more allotted data, just the lower-priced plan might actually suit your needs.

For example, say you’re using approximately 2-gigabytes worth of data in a month while you’re under a mobile plan with Verizon. Before, you would have to shell out $65 for 3-gigabytes. So what about the extra 1-gigabyte of data? Then those will just be put to waste. However, the newer option will allow you to acquire a 2-gigabyte plan for just an additional $5 for the $50 plan.


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Verizon – New Options Could Save You Money
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