Verizon – Warns Heavy Data Users

Verizon has a continuing its ongoing mission to create equality towards its mobile data users, especially towards those who use its unlimited data plans. Recently, the company came up with a plan to level the playing field so that all of their customers can enjoy the best of the mobile carrier’s services. The firm is now notifying its customers that use an “extraordinary” amount of data per month as they should move off their unlimited data plan by the 31st of August. Should they opt not to make the switch and continue to use an extreme amount of mobile data, then the carrier will move to disconnect their accounts. However, they will still have 50 days to reactivate them but on a limited plan, as reported by Droid Life. To recall, the carrier stopped offering unlimited data plans back in 2011.

Verizon - Warns Heavy Data Users

Verizon Warns Unlimited Data Users That Use an Extreme Amount of Data to Switch to a Limited Plan

This latest move by Verizon hopes to move people off of unlimited data plans and will only most likely affect a very small number of the company’s customers. Still, the firm feels it needs to prevent users who use too much data so that they won’t gobble up network resources, or the firm just want to move them to a new plan with a higher price.

This is not the first time Verizon wants to get rid of its unlimited data plan in its entirety, but other ideas have been rather small in scale. To recall, back in 2012, the firm would force anyone who is in an unlimited plan to switch away from said plan whenever they upgrade to 4G LTE phones. However, that never happened because by the year 2014, the company was threatening to throttle the mobile Internet speed of unlimited data plan holders who were using too much data over their LTE network.

Since then, Verizon backed away from the idea of throttling LTE plans after a case with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The firm then ceased throttling users who were using 3G networks back in August of 2015 after the FCC made their move by enacting its net neutrality policy for carriers as well as with home broadband ISPs. This most recent move from the mobile service carrier against unlimited data plan holders, aside from this recent announcement about the warning, happened back in October of 2015. This was when the company has raised their price of its own unlimited data plans from $30 to $50.


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Verizon – Warns Heavy Data Users
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