Vifa Helsinki Review – Beautiful but Audio Can Distort

One look at its price tag and the Vifa Helsinki is sure to turn away some customers. However, for those who are attracted to its design more than its price tag, know that you will also get quality audio performance. The material encasing the speaker is that of real leather and fabric that has been woven by Kvadrat, a Danish textile designer. Even though it does sound good, the performance levels are only of quality when listening to your favorite tracks in moderate volume levels. Otherwise, when listening with loud and unwise volume levels, the audio can distort a bit.

Vifa Helsinki Review - Beautiful but Audio Can Distort

The Vifa Helsinki is Certainly Beautiful, but Expensive

The Vifa Helsinki  comes with measurements of 6.2 x 8.3 x 2.8-inches, and it is available in different color variations, them being hues of blue, rose, gray, or green. It weighs 3.1-pounds, and the grille is covered with a lovely cloth. It also features a detachable yet sturdy leather strap that can be used to hang the speaker from doorknobs or hooks, or you can just use the strap as a handle to bring it around.

When you look under what’s beneath the grilles, you will be able to take a gander at four digital channel digital amplifiers that will feed the dual 50-millimeter full-range aluminum cone and neodymium magnets. As for the woofers, these are mounted back-to-back, and these also gain some assistance from dual passive radiators. The full-range drivers will fire through the front panel.

Speaking of the front panel, the up and down arrow buttons can also be found in this location. These buttons are also classily stitched into the canvas grille of the Helsinki, which is a nice touch. You can use these up and down arrows to control the volume, in which the volume levels work in conjunction with the master volume levels of the paired device. It should be noted that the area where these buttons are located is the NFC zone if you want to make use of this feature for NFC-enabled devices.

But what does the Vifa Helsinki sound like? Playing tracks with booming sub-bass content will employ digital signal processing from the speaker. However, it is wise to just play the tracks using a moderate volume level as it tends to distort the bass when listening at higher volume levels. In truth, this is actually a surprise given the price of the speaker. Still, the distortion should not be seen as an actual deal-breaker unless you prefer music with lots of deep bass at high volumes.


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