Virtual Reality – Challenges Faced by the Growing Sector

Virtual reality is known as a technology that is still within its baby steps, but nevertheless, it is now making waves in the tech scene. There is now a good number of companies that are pouring in millions of dollars into the growth of this technology, but it does not mean that all firms get a ton of money in return. Even though there are notable innovative VR headsets such as the now Facebook-owned Oculus Rift, or the HTC Vive, it would seem that it’s still a long way to go before the technology becomes mainstream. In fact, there are still a bunch of challenges found within the growth of this tech.

Virtual Reality - Challenges Faced by the Growing Sector

Virtual Reality Technology Still Faced With Many Challenges

For starters, there are many who have already decided that they wouldn’t be caught dead in wearing a virtual reality headset, even though the technology does look very promising and highly immersive. Why? It is a lot, if not all of these headsets still look rather silly. Even though when you wear these headsets over your head to experience breathtaking visuals, there are people who prefer to enjoy the experience inside a closed space without anyone else watching. Furthermore, there are many VR headsets that restrict the user primarily because the device needs to be hooked up constantly to a high-powered computer.

Moving forward, another reason why there are many who would not opt for to join in on the bandwagon in experiencing VR technology is because there’s still not a lot of interesting media in it. Whenever a person would experience the technology for the first time, it would most certainly be a breathtaking experience. But other than that, the excitement will quickly diminish unless companies would continue to create content for people to enjoy all the time.

With that in mind, it is still a major struggle for companies to create multiple content for their virtual reality headsets. There are reports that show content developers are now currently facing stiff competition from other content creators just to score it big with major VR companies. However, it is safe to say that there are many tech firms that have their hands full at the moment for them to just focus on VR tech. In one survey, one respondent even said :There is always interest, but getting companies to fully fund projects is a different story.” Hence, it may still be quite a while before we get to see this to become a mainstream tech.


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