Virtual Reality – The Future of Mobile Video

Virtual reality is now taking the tech world by storm, even though the technology is still seen to be within its infant stages. It is not just about the headsets wherein we can see the technology taking shape; take Instagram Stories for example, more specifically speaking that of its connected camera features. Instagram’s take on Snapchat’s features does deliver a powerful message towards hundreds of millions of people for the very first time. What would that message be? That there is no moment that is too small for you to capture with your smartphone camera.

Virtual Reality - The Future of Mobile Video

Virtual Reality is Taking the World by Storm, Especially When it Comes to Mobile Video

It should be known that content pertaining to virtual reality can be created in two ways. The first of which is that of a rendering 3D graphics with the use of a desktop software. This is where the immersive VR headsets come in such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. It allows user to interact and experience a brand new environment, without even having to leave the comforts of their own home.

The second approach is by making virtual reality video, in which case this is the now very familiar feature being offered by the likes of Instagram Stories, but do take note the social media platform makes use of this in a more compact scale. In this method, it will capture moments of reality by recording the physical place with an array of cameras. With the creation of 360-videos, it will encompass next-generation light-field video, and many of which even consider this to be the holy grail of technology. Making such videos will enable the viewer to move around the scene freely without having to restrict motions.

When comparing the two methods together, it should be noted that no matter the format, pre-rendered 360-vieos cannot reach the potential of the immersive feeling you get with real-time 3D graphics. Even though this is still an absolute reality at this day and age, the adoption curve for creating these videos is still staggering.

It has been reported by Oculus that people have already been able to watch three million hours of video with the use of Samsung’s Gear Virtual Reality Headset. Even though you are a skeptic with regards to the notion that the technology still has more things to offer, you can never doubt the numbers with regards to the adoption of the relatively young medium to be this impressive.


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