Viveport – HTC’s Dedicated VR App Store to Launch Worldwide Soon

HTC, the known manufacturer for the Vive virtual reality headset, is giving its users more option with the Viveport portal. This is a dedicated app store in which the Taiwanese tech manufacturer hopes to open up towards all of its headsets.

Viveport - HTC's Dedicated VR App Store to Launch Worldwide Soon

The Viveport Lets Vive Users Take Advantage of Downloading More Apps

It has been reported by The Verge that Viveport has already been launched in China, and this is one of the few countries wherein Steam is not that popular. The virtual reality app store has been launched within the aforementioned region back in Spring. There will be a global beta that is said to be arriving within the coming weeks, which will then be followed by a full rollout.

Even though the Viveport portal won’t feature many games unlike what Steam can offer, it will focus more on non-gaming virtual reality experiences. The categories include those that are similarly found in Apple’s App Store and Google Play such as education, art, music, health, travel, shopping, design, social, video, sports, fashion, news, and more.

It will be available on PC, mobile, and of course as an in-VR headset catalog connected towards Vive Home. HTC stated that the portal would initially be focused on the Vive VR headset alone, but the firm states that one of their long-term strategies would allow other headsets, such as the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift, to be able to access the app store as well.

A representative of HTC told Wearable the following: “We’re currently focused on releasing Viveport for HTC Vive, however our longer-term strategy is to make it an all-encompassing VR content destination, not just HTC Vive.”

The Taiwanese tech manufacturer stated that it is not forcing developers to distribute any of their virtual reality applications exclusively towards the aforementioned app portal alone. However, they are welcome to do so if they so desire. “Our approach to the market is to not pursue exclusives; we believe developers – and thereby the entire ecosystem – benefit from the distribution of their choosing. That said, they could certainly choose to distribute only through Viveport, however we don’t limit them,” the representative said.

With the use of Viveport, HTC is able to deliver apps that are solely dedicated towards VR products and these will effectively segregate itself from the likes of Steam as it delivers more than just games. HTC is known to be always on the lookout in creating more appealing ways for users of its headsets to enjoy the experiences further.


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