VLC for Android – A Prime Video Player for Smartphones

In 2012, VideoLan – the company that developed VLC Media Player for the PC published a beta release of their highly popular video player for Android platform. The question is, with a lot of alternative video players including a highly-capable stock video player app from Android, how is the app going to compete against the vast amount of video players in the market? Part of it is true as it could have been the killer app that has the same popularity of its PC version sibling if it was released earlier worldwide, there are still plenty of reasons to get it.

VLC for Android – A Prime Video Player for Smartphones

VLC Plays Almost Everything

Before going to its play-anything features, take time to explore the UI of VLC for Android. First thing you see when starting the app is nothing, if you’ve never used the app yet, you’re shown your watch history and it’s blank at first. Swiping from the left will show you your media library of videos and audio, and it can even search your directories via its own file explorer. The app could even browse your local network if you’re connected. Not only that, it could also do streaming if you have a URL from a streaming service. When you’re viewing a video, the video control interface is simple, a seek bar with a translucent background is there, along with video playback controls such as play, pause, next, and previous. What you don’t see is the gesture controls. Swiping up or down on the left portion of the video playback screen allows you to adjust your screen brightness while the right portion will allow you to adjust your playback volume, it’s independent on your current device brightness and volume settings so when you close the video, brightness and volume return to their original values. Swiping left or right on the video playback screen will let you quickly seek through the video and the further you go will increase the amount of time skipped when seeking.

VLC for PC is known best for it being an app that can go from playing videos to audio, not only that, it could handle almost any video format you throw at it and that also includes audio formats for its audio player function. VLC Media Player for Android is no different, it’s even better integrated for such tasks making it quite useful for a media consumption device. The app automatically detects any sort of media that is on your device and your library is organized by each file’s metadata, the result is you can access all your media via a single app. It also has powerful playback options such as the equalizer for the music player and subtitle options for the video player.

If you’re on the go and want to watch your downloaded shows, VLC media player is the way to go, it’s powerful and convenient, a must have Android app. Now you don’t have to worry about the Stock Android media player experience.


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