VoIP Phone Service – 10 Tips When Choosing The Right VoIP Service Provider

VoIP Phone Service - 10 Tips When Choosing The Right VoIP Service Provider

VoIP Phone isn’t new, it has been around for a while with improvements in protocol standards. VoIP networks couple data service with that of voice and make use of signaling to enable individual network devices to communicate with each other. Both VoIP networks and traditional phone service rely on signaling to manage and activate various components to finish a call. Nowadays, more and more corporations and residents are turning to VoIP Phone Service Providers to minimize communication costs.

VoIP Phone Service

Tip# 1. A cheap price doesn’t translate to a good deal. While some providers are straight-forward with their pricing, most outfits deem to make good business out of false advertisement. Make sure you pull up reviews on the provider before contacting them.

Tip# 2. Quality. Many providers just don’t live up in this department. If you’re having an issue with a provider, then it’s because their underlying setup is just wrong. It would be wise of you to choose a different but reliable VoIP Phone Service provider.

Tip# 3. It is almost 2017, and even today a lot of providers don’t offer Incoming Caller ID Name on their numbers. But some of the ones who do charge you an extra fee. Here’s the tip: stay away from those who do not offer CNAM or already haven’t included in the price.

Tip# 4. Choose a provider that offers truly unlimited incoming numbers. It is fairly cheap. Assuming you’re going to be making a lot of calls, it’s best advised to get an unlimited plan.

Tip# 5. The #4 tip has a twist, as most providers who advertise “unlimited” calling are probably lying to you. It is recommended to read their TOS to find out it is in fact “truly unlimited”. While it’s also worth mentioning that some providers are very honest in their marketing, who you simply can’t go wrong with.

Tip# 6. In this industry, there are some re-sellers who re-brand service they buy from a real provider, who often aren’t technically sound, and ends up with outfits who want more money out of you than their capability to deliver. It is highly advised to keep away from resellers.

Tip# 7. Lots of people believe in the saying “you get what you pay for”, now Voice over IP is one such industry that this saying doesn’t apply to. Why? Because some providers spend their working capital on just advertisement while the others invest in the technical side of things. So go for a smaller provider, as they not only offer the best pricing but great quality too.

Tip# 8. Many people make the mistake of thinking “E911 is reliable” but that’s simply not true or as reliable as regular 911. There are many factors to consider. You would be rather better off choosing an outfit which lets you keep other means of contacting emergency service.

Tip# 9. Monthly plan or pay as you go? If you are going for a larger provider, they are most likely going to offer monthly services – while the smaller ones let you choose pay-as-you-go option. This saves you quite a bit on cost if you are using it once in a while.

Tip# 10. This is a vital tip. Be sure to test your internal signal through which your system will support VoIP calls. Most service providers have the test available on their sites. At least one of them will let you test.

Recommendations When Choosing a VoIP Phone Service

VoIP Phone Service Recommendations

Always do your research before you take the plunge. It recommended to read the TOS, the customer reviews – the most important of them all – get that feel of how honest the service provider is before selecting them. It is like selecting a car – you probably will be with them for quite a while. Either it’s going to be a nice ride or a ride into hell.


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